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Picture printed on Night glowing acrylic glas

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You see it glowing at night, with backlight, in daylight.
Different character at any time.

Picture from +Filomina Pawar 
How would your portrait look like in complete darkness?.

Added value for your customer. Your fingerprint is seen at night.

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Night glowing Lamp shade

veröffentlicht um 22.10.2012, 11:32 von Michael Franz   [ aktualisiert: 22.10.2012, 11:38 ]

Night glowing lamp shade.
design with night glowing textile paint.

It's hand made. Designer Ines Gebhard, Hamburg, created this artwork.  http://www.inesgebhard.de/de/produkte 

You will have orientation in case of power outage.
Dedicated to the physician Nicola Tesla.

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Baby and mom glow in the dark

veröffentlicht um 22.10.2012, 11:04 von Michael Franz   [ aktualisiert: 22.10.2012, 11:21 ]

On Aug. 30th +Holger Alexi was a guest on my Tech+Talks Hangout interviews show and demonstrated how his company, nightec, ensures you continue to enjoy your art even without light.
Last night I got a picture of me and my son in the mail, and here's what it looks like in the dark.

Art is a small and significant part of Holger's product line. He can save you money on electric bills with his glow in the dark paint - in Europe they use it in kitchens and bathrooms to give a unique ambiance to both houses and public spaces.

It is also used for pavements, and in hurricane stroked neighborhoods who lost access to electricity and light.

Check out all the ways you can use nightec's products here:
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Acrylic glass glowing at night

veröffentlicht um 09.10.2012, 13:43 von Leuchtet Nachts   [ aktualisiert 10.10.2012, 03:27 von Holger Alexi ]

Night glowing acrylic glass.
Have a look at your original at night.

The original is by +Filomina Pawar - printed on acrylic glass. Only at night the the other side of the picture is seen.
G+ #AcrylglasAnwendungsbeispiel

Night glowing acrylic glass

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Your portrait printed on it - how would it look like in complete darkness?
At night glowing acrylic glass


Bait glowing in the night

veröffentlicht um 23.08.2012, 06:19 von Holger Alexi   [ aktualisiert 07.09.2012, 01:10 von Leuchtet Nachts ]

Fishes can see the night glow effect.

Anglers tested night glowing Epoxy-resin.

Anglers did check it out: For the typical freshwater fishing in rivers and lakes bait, floats and the tip of the fishing rods were coated with night glowing epoxy resin.
During night fishing they achieved a higher quota.

For deep sea fishing the "Pilker" = artificial bait, got a noctilucent paint. In a depth of 100m and more, there is complete darkness. The noctilucent Pilker brings light into the dark and attracts so the fish.

In freshwater and saltwater fishing this action was a great success for the Anglers.

Congratulations to Rita Gil Brand

veröffentlicht um 19.08.2012, 09:42 von Holger Alexi   [ aktualisiert 07.09.2012, 01:05 von Leuchtet Nachts ]

Night glowing artwork.  What image do you see in complete darkness? 

The artist: "9o cm x 90 cm, acrylic paint with glass + mirror elements + light-storing "pigments" from NighTec ..."

"In the day they get their shining from mirrors and glass items.. ~ ~ ~ In the dark, the long endurance of the stored light energy comes to life."

"In the depths of your subconscious mind you see something, you grab it and bring it into reality:.. Morphogenesis"

Fluorescent pigments in transparent acrylic paint. 

"The other side of the picture you can only see at night."


Night glowing Acrylic-Glass

veröffentlicht um 13.08.2012, 06:25 von Holger Alexi   [ aktualisiert 07.09.2012, 01:12 von Leuchtet Nachts ]

What do you see at night during a power outage?

This is a test with a prototype: night glowing foil.

But, night glowing acrylic glass glows 3 times brighter in the night.


Power outage?

veröffentlicht um 09.08.2012, 06:36 von Holger Alexi   [ aktualisiert 07.09.2012, 01:13 von Leuchtet Nachts ]

You will have a great atmosphere anyway.

Night glowing artificial stones.

Be creative - let your ideas come into reality. It will look just great.


Power outage in India?

veröffentlicht um 03.08.2012, 02:08 von Holger Alexi   [ aktualisiert 07.09.2012, 01:26 von Leuchtet Nachts ]

You will find your jewels anyway.

Acrylic glas glowing in the night.
Alternative Energy



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