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Baby and mom glow in the dark

veröffentlicht um 22.10.2012, 11:04 von Michael Franz   [ aktualisiert: 22.10.2012, 11:21 ]
On Aug. 30th +Holger Alexi was a guest on my Tech+Talks Hangout interviews show and demonstrated how his company, nightec, ensures you continue to enjoy your art even without light.
Last night I got a picture of me and my son in the mail, and here's what it looks like in the dark.

Art is a small and significant part of Holger's product line. He can save you money on electric bills with his glow in the dark paint - in Europe they use it in kitchens and bathrooms to give a unique ambiance to both houses and public spaces.

It is also used for pavements, and in hurricane stroked neighborhoods who lost access to electricity and light.

Check out all the ways you can use nightec's products here:
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