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Bait glowing in the night

veröffentlicht um 23.08.2012, 06:19 von Holger Alexi   [ aktualisiert 07.09.2012, 01:10 von Leuchtet Nachts ]
Fishes can see the night glow effect.

Anglers tested night glowing Epoxy-resin.

Anglers did check it out: For the typical freshwater fishing in rivers and lakes bait, floats and the tip of the fishing rods were coated with night glowing epoxy resin.
During night fishing they achieved a higher quota.

For deep sea fishing the "Pilker" = artificial bait, got a noctilucent paint. In a depth of 100m and more, there is complete darkness. The noctilucent Pilker brings light into the dark and attracts so the fish.

In freshwater and saltwater fishing this action was a great success for the Anglers.