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Congratulations to Rita Gil Brand

veröffentlicht um 19.08.2012, 09:42 von Holger Alexi   [ aktualisiert 07.09.2012, 01:05 von Leuchtet Nachts ]
Night glowing artwork.  What image do you see in complete darkness? 

The artist: "9o cm x 90 cm, acrylic paint with glass + mirror elements + light-storing "pigments" from NighTec ..."

"In the day they get their shining from mirrors and glass items.. ~ ~ ~ In the dark, the long endurance of the stored light energy comes to life."

"In the depths of your subconscious mind you see something, you grab it and bring it into reality:.. Morphogenesis"

Fluorescent pigments in transparent acrylic paint. 

"The other side of the picture you can only see at night."