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Dear lightbulb, it is time to say good bye.

veröffentlicht um 17.03.2012, 17:40 von Leuchtet Nachts   [ aktualisiert: 17.03.2012, 17:45 ]
You have to leave, for ever.

You have been with me since I was born, you have always been available when it was dark around me. You have brought light into times of darkness and during cold winter days you made us feel warmer. I have been reading with you, secretly below my beadspread at night. Was painting shadow figures at the wall of my bedroom with you. You have lit my way, when I was groping in the dark - calmed me down with your light when I was afraid. Since your father Thomas Alva Edison has brought you to glow in 1879, you have given light to billions of people for more than a century. Now you will be prohibited in September 2012. But you will continue to live within my heart and you will be illuminating my bedroom every night.