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Understand: "Night glow effect"

veröffentlicht um 26.05.2012, 08:04 von Holger Alexi   [ aktualisiert 07.09.2012, 01:53 von Leuchtet Nachts ]
Portrait on night glowing acrylic glass.

"Let the jungle in!"
Africa feeling in your living room!
"Bewitch you at night with your own photographed image of a gorilla, zebra or cheetah on night glowing acrylic glass!

www.mondberge.com NighTec ® supports the project with great interest: "Moon Mountains", which center was launched in 2008. It deals with the protection of mountain gorillas, the people of Uganda and the local environment.
At least 10% of project revenues and 100% of all donations goes to the "Mountain Gorilla & Rainforest Direct Aid Association". We appreciate your support! " +Nicole Lind

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