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This glow in the dark mural,

veröffentlicht um 06.04.2013, 08:04 von Holger Alexi   [ aktualisiert 12.12.2014, 23:12 von Business Development ]
 "Bali Hai, Tunnels Beach, Kauai" measures 10 feet tall and is almost 17 feet wide!

Artist Frank Wilson, fine art, says:
It is painted on a plain white canvas and was mounted on a wall.  The mural is virtually invisible in the daytime or when the rooms lights are on!  The scene is accurate and is the view from Tunnels Beach looking towards the Bali Hai Cliffs of the North Napali coast on the Hawaiian Island of Kauai.  This mural is astonishing in it's beauty and the realism that I captured using nothing but five different glowing phosphors on a white wall."

Wandfarbe die Nachts leuchtet. DIY
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